Policy for the Disclosure of Ratings

HR Ratings will publish on its website, free of charge and non-selectively, press releases for the ratings assigned, modifications, or withdrawals, and also the decision to suspend the surveillance of a rating –giving the reasons for such action– the same day they are issued. The foregoing with the exception of private ratings, which will only be provided to the entity or issuer who did the request.

In addition, HR Ratings will issue a press release on the decision of a client to rescind their service agreement, when it is known that such rescission has resulted from a modification to downgrade their rating, the business day following the rescission.

Likewise, the Company will publish the following through the electronic dissemination system of the Mexican Stock Exchange:

On the other hand, HR Ratings will issue to the Mexican Banking Securities Commission, the public and private assigned ratings, modifications, or withdrawals the same day they are issued, through the Securities Information Transfer System (STIV-2).

Similarly, the institution may disclose their ratings through any electronic communications network, such as Twitter and web pages of news and financial information, such as Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters.

Contact for Rating Methodologies
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